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  • What day should I arrive?
    We have blocked off rooms for Monday, July 8, 2024 until July 13, 2024. You are welcome to arrive earlier than that day or leave after the 13th. If this is your choice, you will need to indicate it when you make your reservation and inform the destination planner, Tom. A schedule of the week's events will be provided by the end of 2023. Tom Starrett 610-866-4689
  • Is there a travel planner that you are working with to book the flights?
    No, we do not have an official travel agent to book flights, but if you are looking for someone to locate and book flights for you, you may contact Louise Hill or LaShaunn Stoddart. LaShaunn Stoddart
  • When is the final payment due?
    For guests who declined the travel protection, 100% of your balance is due by March 22, 2024. For guests who purchased the travel protection, 50% of your total amount is due by March 22, 2024 and the remaining balance is due by April 21, 2024.
  • What is there to do at the resort?
    The Hard Rock offers a mix of amenities. Some of them are included in the All-Inclusive package and some come at an additional cost. A few are listed below. Swim - Casino - Shopping - Waterpark - Golf -
  • Are children allowed at the wedding?
    No, unfortunately children will not be able to attend the wedding and reception. The only children allowed are those that are a part of the wedding party. However, we understand that many families would like to make this a family vacation. Therefore, you are welcome to bring your children with you, but please be prepared to make arrangements for them during the wedding and reception times. Hard Rock does have a Kids Club for ages 4-12 that will be open during that time. Kids Club -
  • Does the Destination Planner book flights?
    No, Tom does not book flights, he only books the rooms and ground transfers. You will notify him once you have booked your flight and he will schedule your ground transfers.
  • Are flights included in the price?
    No, flights are not included. The total price you get at the time of booking includes the following: - Ground transfers to and from the airport - Room - All Inclusive Amenities (Excluded those that are upgrades such as Laser Tag, Bowling, etc)
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